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A Post About Flawless Females

Ohai. Not that anyone has ever looked at this lj besides ONTD every time I unsuccessfully apply to join them, I'm gonna talk about some flawless females who slay all your faves. 


More flawless than you for several reasons, bb:
  • Juno Award winning electronic singer
  • Babe
  • Makes spectacular music
  • Is a genuinely nice person (met her twice and can confirm this)
  • Sounds almost identical live to studio
  • Uses correct grammar when online, therefore, does not come off as a total idiot

Azealia Banks

  • 20 years old and her independent debut release '212' has so far racked up over 17 million views on YouTube
  • Again, babe
  • Makes amazing rap music that you can dance to which doesn't verge on pop like Minaj


  • Makes ungeneric music which is very easy to listen to
  • Creative music videos which are always interesting
  • ...Babe
Ellie Goulding

  • Brit Award winner (get it gurl)
  • Babe, obviously
  • Number 1 debut album
  • The only girl who makes the Skrillex haircut look good

Lady Gaga
  • Is Lady Gaga, need I say more?

  • Several time Grammy nominee
  • Writes/produces most of her own music
  • Non generic music videos
  • Best bad dancer in the world
  • Babe (is there a pattern forming?)
Florence Welch

  • Flaw free bitch
  • Multiple Brit Award winner
  • Two number one albums
  • You guessed it...

Marina Diamandis
  • 'Electa Heart' album peaked at number 1 on UK Albums Chart
  • Flawless songs
  • Werks it with her vintage Hollywood persona 
  • Babe?

So, yes, these ladies are more flawless than you but that's okay, you can stay pressed about that. Flaw free ladies better bow down to the new queen, Loreen, though as she poses to slay not only all of your faves but mine too in the not too distant future.

2 days till i see the flawless queen, lights, now guys but nobody cares because there's nobody reading this.

stanning lights.

long time.


livejournal is okay but i like tumblr because it's way qt.

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